Acid Ghost // Warhol

The willingness to evolve through a slipstream of moods is usually cut short by our own stabilities. Yet when placed within these transitions, fusion band Acid Ghost and their title ‘I AM WARHOL’ guides you safely through the channels.

The San Francisco band has previously acknowledged their devotion to the various forms of arts and culture, thus influencing their sound, aesthetic and dynamic. Drawing in from the evident muse Andy Warhol, Acid Ghost amalgamates a smooth psychedelic dream infused with crunchy prog rock malevolence. The humble dedication towards Andy Warhol is kicked off in ‘Life’, an interview of [Warhols] perception in the public eye and how his work within the art scene has developed. In contrast Ace Barcelon and Mikey Mendoza work this transgression through their simplistic drowsy lyrics and alternating clever rhythms throughout the album.

Sustainably motivated by art the album continues to combine the blurred lines between what is art and music, the bands core essence to the album. The message is conceived through its array of coherence and compelling movements, encapsulating the mind. The vocals of Barcelon are easily misguided by his distorted sooth which presses the instrumental value of a voice and motivates the senses.

With little spoken, the opening song releases a lot of exposure to the album and an insight to the mentality of the band.  ‘The Artists High’ song build upon the predecessor of a short video produced by the band as part of the ‘I AM WARHOL’ campaign, insinuates the motive of seduction and clear missed devotion of love throughout album.

‘can you tell me where it is before I die?
can you tell me since I need it inside?
can you tell me how it feels to be alive?
can you tell me how it feels inside?’

Backed up on the album by ‘Dilemma’, clearly reinstating Ace’s infatuation is the forefront to this album. Conflicted by the emotions conveyed we hear a sorrowful apology, lead by a flexible guitar weaving in and out of the peace to keep emotions running high in hope for a return to sender.

The album is finalised by an undercurrent that subtlety submerges you into the last hypnotic leg of Ace’s mind. ‘Vulnerable’ rounds off the juxtaposition of this album bringing forth the desires and fears provoked by our infatuations. Styled reminiscent of Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy combined by the dark atmosphere Acid Ghost create, the album takes a final hard turn with flares of doom to push their anxieties to remind you what they can produce. In light of a darkened mood ‘Warhol’ has exceptional eclectic taste, drawing from the guys’ most cherished musicians and genres, and plundered with the hopes and feelings coerced by a missing body. It’s subtle, dark and bold.


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