A Brief Mac // My Old Man


Canadian-born Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV has produced his third soulful studio album ‘This Old Dog’ and in this exists track one, ‘My Old Man’, a song set for the ages which succeeds a coming of age tale. Parallel to this Mac delivers aesthetically as what he gives out in his music, the conveyance is the smooth slacker rock combined by the psy-drug movement of both his music and personality. His music is capable of making the listener slouch further back in the armchair and with his previous album Another One’ (2015) it amplifies his portfolio of lazy rock. But what began as Salad Days’ (2014) arguably the first album, and track of the same name, had set his wheels in motion for the hysteria he has created.

After recently seeing Demarco at Barcelona’s Primavera the ideologies of The Mac came to life. His presence along with his band was nonetheless courageous and damn right brilliant. Before setting his body hair on fire in midst of his guitarist flaring noise at him, Mac Demarco saw to it his fans got a healthy dose of both his old and new music. Kicking off with ‘Salad Days’ – settling those audience tensions – he proceeded with his show. In with this he played ‘My Old Man’, a song growing more and more conscious on my mind. It is a song of change and maturity with a backward appreciation to the understanding to the coming of age tale, which depicts – for lack of a better term – life. It’s as Oscar Wilde once stated “it is the confession not the priest that gives us absolution”, the confession being no two mind sets are the same, people change. This track simplifies the adjustments of a changing place both physically and mentally and sweeps the listener to a sentimental place.

The initial track opens up the door to what the more settled side of Mac can be. But what this track does do is make you stop. It makes you imagine the times you’ve had and will have to come. ‘My Old Man’ is undoubtedly Mac: creative, philosophical and fun all round. This being said, see here the man stripped down to his underwear during Together’. Just cause.


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